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It’s so basic, and everyone agrees it’s important, but remembering passages out of the Bible is one of the most neglected practices of Christians. We know sports stats and Seinfeld factoids, but that time Jesus talked said he was the way, the truth, and the life? It’s somewhere in the New Testament, we’re pretty sure.

The Georgia Baptist Convention has built a Bible Drill app (available in iTunes only, for now) that basically puts flip cards for Scripture on your phone. Originally built in conjunction with Bible Drill – a competition among students to recall Scripture at events on the local, regional, state, and national levels – it’s incredibly useful for adults as well. More information can be found at this article on Baptist Press.

It’s difficult to say that memorizing and understanding the context of Bible passages is more important now than ever (Is there a time it wasn’t important?), but there are some things to consider. Children and youth in church are more likely to be guided toward memorizing Scripture; think Awana and youth camp. The responsibility to do so falls more on adults after the high school years. When that example to keep doing so isn’t set by adults, a ripple effect begins. The inaction declares it’s unimportant to keep doing so, which plays a part in young people basically taking their 20s off in church attendance.

Also, we live in a different age where it isn’t enough to just not be involved in religion, but acceptable to openly attack it. You’re probably familiar with YouVersion and even use it on your phone or tablet in church. Well, it’s also becoming more popular with atheists who want to learn the Bible for the express purpose of discrediting it. No word yet if similar movements are forming involving the Koran or Talmud.

To find the app on iTunes, search for “Bible Drill.” Cost is 99 cents.




Author: Scott Barkley

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